I started writing this post in Chicago, I finished it in New York, and now I am editing and posting from Kuwait. With each city I have edited to match the sentiments I have been exposed to.

The state of venture capital in three acts.


ACT I: Chicago

Sentiment: excitement, “we have great ideas, we just need money”

ACT II: New York

Sentiment: “high demand has led to overpriced investments; the way to go is to set up a Venture Capital Fund that acts like a PE fund” … (if it looks like a duck….)

ACT III: Kuwait

Sentiment: “looks good but I’ll pass” // “but i can put my money in X and get 7%; why put my money and MAYBE get 400% or nothing?”

My conclusion: If you want to raise money from the conservative gulf states- call it a Growth PE Fund

I will be doing a post soon describing the venture capital scene in the Gulf States. If the term Gulf States is new to you, go here: Gulf States



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